MoDel Deliveries

moDel DeliveriesThis mobile electronic automotive delivery solution extends the existing Leaselink delivery capability by placing the traditional paper delivery and collection notes into electronic format and is facilitated through an application installed on a PDA or tablet. The delivery driver uploads their day’s workload into the PDA/tablet and then proceeds as normal. The handover or collection process is facilitated within the PDA/tablet application and creates the relevant delivery notes, automatically populating them to Leaselink as stored PDF’s and adding photographs of any reported damage.

Aside from the many efficiency benefits that accrue by using this solution, MoDel is fully integrated with Leaselink, Europe’s most popular automotive e-procurement software. The first version and more recently updated second version which is suitable to be used on certain tablets, has been designed using feedback from the major leasing companies and dealer groups and is set to be the market leader with the most fully participating leasing companies and over 1000 dealers in the Leaselink community.

If you are a leasing company and you want to implement electronic delivery and collection, Leaselink MoDel is the natural choice with the most integrations and the best track record in the automotive community.

All our driver are fully trained and equipped to use MoDel for fleet deliveries using the latest Android Devises.